The Building Management Team

Within the building Internal extension

General Manager Amanda Hitchcock 020 7628 9903 ext 203
Technical Manager John Crocker 020 7628 9907 ext 207
Operations Manager Maria Goody 020 7628 9909 ext 201
Facilities Services Supervisor Bill Vernon 020 7628 9908 ext 333
Reception 020 7628 9900 ext 300 / 301 / 302

If a problem arises outside normal office hours, it is always possible to contact the security staff on 020 7628 9912. We will ensure that a conscientious response is given to any enquiry or problem.


Brookfield Office Properties
99 Bishopsgate
2nd Floor
London, EC2M 3XD
United Kingdom

Simon Ruck
Vice President
Asset Management
Brookfield Office Properties, Europe
T +44 (0) 20 7659 3500

The management team’s aim is to provide all occupants with a responsive and effective management service and they will endeavour to tailor the service offered to the needs of all tenants. Suggestions that you may have would be welcomed. Please contact one of the management team.

We invite your co-operation in helping us maintain 99 Bishopsgate to the highest standards. We have a help desk to enable you to report any building maintenance operational issue which needs attention.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact the management team.